Top PS4 VR Games to Try Out Right Now

If you want to get away from reality with the best PlayStation VR games around, then Sony’s augmented reality headset, PlayStation VR will be your ultimate option. For the individuals who lean toward comfort gaming to PC gaming, the PS4 VR is the best VR headset to pick. The PS4 VR is amazingly open and an ideal method to appreciate great VR gaming without the requirement for a high-spec PC.

One of the greatest selling purposes of the PS4 VR, however, is its advantageous library of games. Additionally, it bolsters a significant number of the best VR games by and large so you won’t pass up huge spending hits like Skyrim VR.

If you want to know more about the top PS4 VR games that you can try out, then you can take into account the scope of tastes for our rundown of the best PS4 VR games that never fail to grab your sight.

  1. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission

In case, the PSVR was anticipating an exceptional title, it presently has one. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission isn’t only an incredible VR platformer, however, it’s also an extraordinary platforming game full stop.

Brimming with the sort of imaginativeness, we’ve come to just anticipate from Nintendo’s Mario arrangement, Astro Bot: Rescue Mission plays with the VR design with such a wild creative mind, it puts forth different attempts look apathetic. Overall, it’s very not normal for anything you’ll have ever played previously.

  1. Beat Saber

Without referencing Beat Saber, the replacement to the mood game crown, and most likely the best passage in the class since Guitar Hero, you can’t discuss any extraordinary PSVR games. Presently, that may seem like high acclaim, yet Beat Saber is truly the best thing to happen to VR. As its name proposes, Beat Saber is tied in with utilizing sabers to slash blocks to the beat of the music.

Beat Saber is a focused energy undertaking—it’s probably tantamount to any cardio exercise we’ve ever done, and is ideal for individuals need to get that 30 minutes of activity in every day without going out.

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  1. Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine comes with a ton of zombies blending a touch of humor, so now Resident Evil 7 isn’t the only extraordinary VR zombie game. The game tosses players into the Southwest of the United States, a region invade with zombies. It’s desolate out there.

Arizona Sunshine will set you in opposition to an assortment of zombies, some harder than others, with a large group of weapons to help put them down. The campaign can be played even in a multiplayer Horde mode. This is a fundamental PSVR game for enthusiasts of the undead.

  1. Blood and Truth

In Blood and Truth, you play as previous extraordinary powers usable investigating the dinky universe of London’s criminal first-class set to spare his family. Following large spending activity motion pictures, it needs to cause you to feel like the legend of your own film. Here Sony London Studio is following it up with a full-length plunge into London’s hidden world; however, it’s the little subtleties that make the game sparkle. Also, Sony London Studio offers an instinctive reality and makes it one of the best PS4 VR games one can get.

  1. Battlezone

Till date, the Battlezone standout amongst other popular VR experiences. While a ton of VR games attempts to go as reasonable as could be expected under the circumstances, Battlezone’s Tron-like game world is amazingly retaining. The interactivity is fun; however, it’s the striking-yet straightforward graphics that are the way into general happiness.

Apart from these, there are other PS4 VR games that you can easily look into, such as, Iron Man VR, Moss, Resident Evil 7, Sprint Vector, and so on.


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